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Istanbul Cafe and Espresso Bar

You’ll miss this place if you don’t know it. It’s rare to consider strolling leisurely down Eglinton St. West, but if you head just far enough (which is not that far), you’ll encounter Istanbul Cafe and Espresso Bar, which has its fair share of loyal customers and one of the widest varieties of available drinks I’ve ever seen in any Toronto cafe. Seriously, I did not know that cappuccinos could really exist in small, medium, and large sizes. I thought one was a latte, but apparently I am incorrect.

Some coffee expert I am.

This cafe is super spacious and beautifully decorated. I don’t have any good pictures that did the interior any justice, but artisanal gourd lamps are suspended from the ceiling, and the front of the cafe features a table made from a vertically cut tree. The place is also has elaborate Turkish decor (and Turkish delight)! In other words, it’s an Instagrammer’s heaven. I hope the mosaic table was able to persuade you into thinking so.

The cappuccino was a bit on the watery side for me; I guess that’s better in terms of fat intake, since the milk was most likely not whole, but if i’m going to indulge in milk I’m going to go all out. However, they do have matcha everything here, which is something I’ll definitely be returning for. Oh, and to take pictures of all their other nice tables.

Check out their website and Instagram.

Happy Sunday! And Mother’s Day! You know what, take your mom here. And let her take all the photos that she wants.


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