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Photography: @tamzerr

My summer break has finally arrived, after what seems like a very long (though well-managed, if I do say so myself) period of final exams. Quebec seems to always finish school after everyone else, and I couldn’t help but feel a serious fear of missing out on whatever my friends at home were doing while I scrolled through my Instagram feed during study breaks. Even in Montreal, while other students were fortunate enough to finish their exams early, I was stuck in an unusually barren library, staring out the window in self-pity.

However, I have four months until it becomes necessary to think about that again.

Summer is and always has been (for the past year?) for strolling in beautiful neighbourhoods and anticipating my annoying cry of “THAT’S A NICE WALL,” before stopping for an essential photo-op. So when we came across these gorgeous locations (one office-front that looked like the entrance to the von Trapp house and another grey wall) whilst discussing the foreseeable potential for eating ice cream later in the day, lo and behold, we simply had to stop and capture the moment. And take a few selfies. All comments regarding narcissism aside, the lighting was too good to pass up.

Thus, after days of settling in, getting frustrated at the excess clutter littering my bedroom floor, and trying to force myself to wake up at 6am (I must have read somewhere that all successful people do everything by 8am. I’m working on it), it finally began to feel like summer.

Dress: LUSH clothing (Editorial Boutique) | Jacket: Vintage



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