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Kitsuné’s du Lowney Location

If you’re living in Montreal and haven’t been to Kitsuné Espresso Bar, you’re technically considered an invalid. So before reading the rest of this post, I suggest you march over to Rue Prince Arthur this minute and grab yourself a cappuccino.

Now that you’re obsessed with Kitsuné, I’ll have you know that they opened up a new location in Griffintown, Montreal about a month ago! THIS IS GREAT NEWS. The best part: this location is way better. Kitsune in Montreal Nord has become so popular that it’s difficult to find a seat at any time, which can be especially frustrating when you want a nice spot to study for final exams that does not exude the atmosphere of death seen in the university libraries.

It’s a bit of a trek, but I promise that it’s worth the walk, especially with beautiful summer weather coming and the return of Bixi bikes! You have no excuse. You’re more likely to find a seat at Kitsuné in Griffintown after the usual morning rush of people (I don’t guarantee weekends though…it’s a big residential area), and this cafe is FAR MORE Instagrammable. So many west coast vibes. I’m loving it.

I mean, coffee is important too. Their espresso is good. Yadda yadda yadda.

They also serve food! It’s VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE: they do, indeed, make grilled cheese  sandwiches. This is useful information because cafés that have grilled cheese immediately get bonus points. It’s a given.

FullSizeRender 4

FullSizeRender 2

Also, I thought I was getting really good at my French coffee orders. I think it was the beautiful wallpaper in the café. Threw me right off. And where can I find this wallpaper? I need it in my life.

Happy coffee-drinking! Happy Monday! You can do this! Roll out of bed, count that walk to get coffee as your workout, order a double shot of espresso, and kick the world’s butt.


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