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Here’s a look I wore yesterday (which was a BEAUTIFUL day)!

Boyfriend jeans are probably the most versatile item of clothing in my closet, and I really should wear them more. See here’s the thing: we all know that sneakers and flat shoes have always been acceptable to wear with baggy jeans, but people like Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez have taken it to the next level and made it acceptable to dress this look up with a pair of heels.

I, however, did not happen to wear heels today. I do not recommend showing up at a cafe ready to study for final exams in a pair of heels. I mean, sitting all day…your feet would get tired, no?

Bad joke, sorry.

Weekends are for exploring, and I found it much easier to stroll the streets of Old Montreal in the usual Stan Smiths (which really have seen better days). However, the change from day to night outfits is SO EASY with this kind of outfit, since all I have to do is change my shoes. And they say girls take forever to get ready. As if.

Top: Aritzia | Jeans: One Teaspoon | Shoes: Adidas (if you want to wear a pair of heels, I recommend either these or these)



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