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Café Titanic


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I’m surprised that university students haven’t jumped on the ample seating opportunities and amazing coffee that Café Titanic has to offer. That may be because it’s a tad off the radar; it’s just of Notre Dame West and located in the basement of a building of loft apartments. However, it exudes a beautiful historical charm and is one of the most spacious cafes/bistros I’ve been to in Montreal. Their coffee was FANTASTIC, and the waiters were kind enough to bring me my macchiato in the cutest little cup patterned with vintage art and advertisements. 10/10 for decor.

My only problem? They played awful music.

I mean, I’m not partial to 80’s synthesized tunes.

You can ask them to turn it down while you plug in your headphones and create your own ambiance.

P.S. I heard their food was fantastic too. Check them out here.


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