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Me feat. some colour




The Reformation is good. Really, really good. Their clothes are all so, so beautiful and if you happen to own a piece from them I’ll kindly send you a shipping address because I want it.

I do not own anything from The Reformation.

Last time I checked my bank account, it looked like I’d be in debt if I ordered anything from The Reformation.

I’m sorry, The Reformation.

What I do have is several Forever 21 stores all on the same street within a 500m distance from one another, so I can find this dress that looks like it could be from The Reformation. That is, until I can actually afford The Reformation.

I mean, all eco-friendly production methods aside, it’s the look of the clothing that we see, no?

Also, on a side note, this may be the most colour I’ve worn in several months. Years?

Dress: Forever 21 (similar style here) | Reformation counterpart here


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