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Love, Triangl

There have been so many moments since I started blogging where I’ve had to stop and just take everything in, because I can’t believe how fortunate I am to have had so many fantastic opportunities thus far.

One happened about last week.

I was contacted by Triangl Swimwear, a company I’ve followed closely since they first became a sensation two years ago. Since I was sixteen, they’ve boomed into a much more developed company, and for good reason. They’ve expanded the number of designs available, and they keep getting better and more creative. And they used to not have adjustable shoulder straps. Now they have adjustable shoulder straps. This is big.

What’s even bigger is that I’ve been dreaming about this bikini since it was February and -10000 degrees out and all I could think of was bikini season and how I really needed to hit the gym…

And last week Triangl made my dreams come true by sending me this beautiful swimsuit. And it fits perfectly. I’ve never experienced better customer service. Even if they’re down under in Australia, they’re available 24/7 and can get you a perfect fit. I’ve only seen one instance of their products not fitting, and that was with my sister, but since then they’ve made designs that accommodate the blessedly busty. And if you think about it, Triangl is super reasonable. Bikinis these days can go for $150 and up, which I would never pay. With Triangle, the entire suit (including shipping) is $100. And neoprene is sturdy. However, it does not provide a lot of breathing room in severe heat so if you’re tanning all day, I’d wear non-neoprene bikini bottoms. However, they are really cute and have concocted a cheeky bum bottom, which will give you some great tan lines when the weather permits.


Get yours here. Or shop mine here.


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