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It’s always a treat when your parents come to visit you when you’re a poor starving student living in one of Canada’s most cultured cities. They want to be touristy, you want to procrastinate (you also want to be touristy, but in reality studies prevent you from ever doing that). It all works out.

Tommy is perfect. Tommy is wonderful. Tommy is in Old Montreal. It’s always packed with devoted customers for a reason: it’s espresso is strong, they have a great variety of food, there is an upstairs loft, plants hang from the ceiling (I’m sold), and you can spike your coffee. Maybe I’m just new to Montreal or extremely uncultured, but I have encountered few places in North America that offered this. What a pleasant surprise.

Tip: if you’re planning to sit down here, go at a really off hour of the day. Like 9:12. Or 3:52.  I’m not even close to being the first person who discovered Tommy’s. I’m probably the last. But go anyway.


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