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Happy [potential] Spring! Still crossing my fingers that it might actually get a little bit warmer, but let’s be real: this is Montreal. It’s going to snow next week. It’s going to snow in May.

I’m done.

So while it looks like I’m soaking up the sun in these photos, bear in mind that it’s only just above freezing and that this is good practice for my poker face. All smiles and laughter, not like I’m going to swipe everyone’s money with a royal flush or anything.

Except maybe in these jeans. I picked them up from Editorial Boutique a while ago, which is Montreal’s one and only tourist attraction. There’s something about buying flare jeans that makes you feel a lot more daring, fabulous, and gets many looks from all the ladies who wore them thirty years ago and regret throwing them out. Or maybe they’re secretly laughing and knowing that in thirty years I’ll throw them out? Sucks to suck.

Since I’m five-foot-short I had to wear heels (oh no, how terrible), which gave the look a more retro vibe. Yes, chunky high heels can be casual and yes, you CAN walk up hills in them. However, it really is a two-person job.

Also, I sort of hopped onto that fur coat trend a little later than I would have liked to, and ended up finding this in the sale rack at Urban Outfitters (tip: don’t look at anything actually in the store; march all the way with dignity and self control to the back of the store where the sale racks are). However, I’m enjoying the fact that I look like Cookie Monster when I wear it, and can foresee myself dressing up as said Sesame Street character for Halloween while other girls freeze as they all wear lingerie.

Thanks for reading my rambling. Here’s where you can find what I’m wearing:

Blouse: Aritzia | Jeans: Editorial Boutique (similar ones here) | Shoes: Zara (similar ones here) | Coat: Urban Outfitters (similar one here



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