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This year for International Women’s Day, I joined Privé Suits pro-Women’s Rights campaign #Right2SuitUp. The clothing company reached out to over 750 influencers in 20 countries to project an important message regarding the fight for gender equality.

Today, I’m celebrating my #Right2SuitUp. It’s been 40 years since women were officially accepted to wear business attire in public, something that I have been fortunate enough to take for granted in my lifetime.

That something like this actually had to be “officially accepted” appals me, and I cannot fathom a time period, however recent, where I am not permitted to dress professionally and go to school or to work. What bothers me even more is that this remains a current issue. I am lucky enough to live in North America, where women have made significant progression in their fight for gender equality.

While foundations that promote movements such as gender equality are something that I fully support and encourage, I believe that with the right mental attitude and the right message spread globally, there should not be a need for these organizations within a few years. These things cost time and money, spent on advocating equal wages for women in the same job as a man with an equal level of education, and giving girls the knowledge that they will attend school no matter where they live and what conditions they may live in. However, it’s something priceless that this movement is vying for: the mental shift that women are on the same level of capability as men. This cannot be achieved with money. It’s a practice, one that is achieved through external influences.

Women everywhere should know that they can do any job just as well or even better than any man. The only thing that hinders us is when society tells us otherwise.



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