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Frank, baby





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My first Frank Body order

Almost three years ago, in my infantile instagramming days on a trip to Malaysia, I discovered the account @frank_bod. That is, the social media projection of the company Frank Body. Back then it was a company that sold a single product: a scrub bent on exfoliating your “pins” until they were smoother, cleaner, and sexier. The key ingredient? Coffee. The concept was brilliant, however it was one that I shunned aside for fear of shipping costs (the company is based in Australia) and the pragmatic realization that I really could make this scrub on my own (I did, and it clogged up my shower drain term terribly).

Since then, Frank has become a sensation with a raving cult-like following. Their marketing is ingenious: beautiful beach babes paired with pictures of coffee, plus the created “voice” of Frank coming up with seductive and rather forward comments to accompany the viral hashtags #letsbefrank, #frankfurts, and #thefrankeffect.

So #letsbefrank. Soon, Instagram beauties who had already cultivated their crop of followers began receiving their Frank promotion packages (thus begins the ingenious concept of influencer marketing) and raving about its anti-cellulite and skin-firming properties. Frank became something to drool over. Take a selfie with your man Frank, get featured. The concept fit the fame-hungry environment that Instagram was quickly becoming.

Then Frank went global. As in we-ship-worldwide-especially-to-our-Canadian-babes-for-free global. That was probably sometime last year. So this year, I finally hopped on the bandwagon and ordered myself some. Frank was all about improving self-body image and promoting a healthy lifestyle, and I was all about that too. Why not?

I’m totally not regretting my purchase either. I mean, I set up a PayPal account for this, so Frank had better impress me.

Result: Frank’s a good guy to bring home.

I tried out the facial scrub because I was desperate for a face exfoliator (Montreal winters have my skin peeling and it sucks). It’s gentle, still contains coffee, but adds a creamier element so that it’s less abrasive on the skin. Coffee always goes best with cream, am I right? And the body cream. Let’s just take a minute. It’s not the body cream that comes in a tube. It’s the tub of buttery, dip-your-finger-in-cake-icing kind of situation. It smells like yum. There’s no other way to describe it. Every deliciously ridiculous-sounding coffee shop drink that I’ve prohibited myself from indulging in is packaged neatly in this cream. An almond milk vanilla latte with pomegranate extract and extra whipped cream sounds more like it. If you’re like me and snicker at the sound of this, consider ordering it in a non-edible form, where the mere scent is indulgence enough. Seriously.

Click here. Bring Frank home. I promise there’s no stupid duty costs. Open Frank. Smell Frank. Use Frank. Feel #thefrankeffect.


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