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Timeless. Effortless. Modern. Minimal. Delicate. Sophisticated. Elegant. Classic. The list goes on. Cerine is a jewellery company with a family history of hand-crafted artisanal skills that have been passed on to new generations. They are more than a company that makes beautiful products: they are a tradition. I had the pleasure of wearing and experiencing the craftsmanship of their products, which is absolutely exquisite. All jewellery is solid sterling silver, which means no colour changing, no cheap materials. Everything is stellar quality, and fits comfortably.

I’m a sucker for rings. I collect them, and I love when they have a story to go behind them. One ring I own was given to me by my grandmother, one was from a memorable trip to Hawaii, one was a precious little bean from a best friend… I think that jewellery looks all the more amazing when they have a meaning, or a purpose to them. That is the concept that Cerine seeks to project. Cerine is influenced by her family background, which makes each piece made that much more personal and special. I can’t part with¬†my Cerine ring. It goes with every outfit and works for any occasion. It truly proves the power of simplicity.

Now, Cerine has shifted from being a purely online boutique to selling their collection in Toronto at Zane Boutique on Queen West. I hope you can check it out. Their products are beautiful.

ALSO, until March 15th, use the code SASHA10 to receive 10% off your Cerine purchase.

Ring: Petal Ring by Cerine


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