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Sashion’s Cozy Chic Capsule





Back in December I had the privilege of previewing Sashion’s spring collection, featuring new designer Lia Huang and other new pieces from recurring favourite Michelly Mo. The capsule has recently become available to the public for pre-order.

At the preview there was food, drinks, and other clothing items from their F/W capsule on sale, but I distinctly remember being drawn to a rack tucked away at the back of the hotel suite, lined with soft-looking textures and delicate fabrics. Upon closer inspection, I instantly recognized the buttery, cloud-like sensation of the garments to be nothing other than high quality cashmere. Sasha, co-founder of Sashion (we bonded over our shared name) explained to me that for this capsule, designer Lia Huang placed emphasis on creating pieces out of such a luxurious material that strayed from the usual cashmere pullover. To create a dress, skirt, or asymmetrical twist on a regular sweater would require extensive research on what quality of cashmere to use, and how to assemble it in a manner that wouldn’t impede on the overall effect of how the garment should move.

This is more difficult than it sounds.

Sasha told me that Huang ventured to various places around the world in search for the perfect cashmere that would live up to her environmentally friendly requirement. Evidently, she successfully completed this mission and the result was a beautiful, high-fashion collection that retained comfort and coziness. It can be concluded that she believes that comfort should not be sacrificed in pursuit of style.

Some of my favourite pieces from this capsule:

  • A high waisted pencil skirt by Michelly Mo
  • A cashmere cut out sweater by Lia Huang (take note: shoulder cut-outs are VERY in at the moment
  • This cashmere dress by Lia Huang (has a beautiful flowy movement)
  • An asymmetrical shoulder sweater by Michelly Mo


Sashion is a firm believer in the motto buy less, choose well. The rest of the capsule is available for pre-order here.



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