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This was one of those views that I happened to encounter on my way to class, and it was completely unexpected. After stopping to stare and admire the cloudless sky for a few seconds, the reaction was instant: blog post.

If you’re rolling your eyes, you probably have good reason to. It’s what all bloggers do, and we provoke constant sarcastic reactions. Enough about that, though.

I’ve made it fairly clear how into the all-black scheme I am. 90% of the time, my “off-duty” look is tout noire. So, I decided to spice things up. Only by a little.

I wore all navy! It’s difficult to see in these photos, but I’ll admit it’s a little disorienting to wear an entire outfit in a colour other than black. It took a little adjustment, to be honest. However, the results were worth it because I finally put this mock-neck Prada top and joggers I’ve had sitting in my closet for the longest time to use. And this cozy cardigan contrasted the rest of the outfit for a relaxed, casual overall look. Definitely nailing the weekend vibes.

Happy Sunday!

Cardigan: C/MEO Collective (and it’s on sale!!) | Shirt: Retro Prada (from a consignment store) | Bottoms: Aritzia



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