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I’ve come to accept that the majority of my everyday outfits consist of jeans paired with a basic top. It’s evident in many of my other outfit posts, and it’s crucial to looking at least a little bit fashionable in the brutal winters Montreal is always faced with.

What’s a fashionista to do in the midst of -20 degree Celsius weather?

Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but only in the slightest. I account for windchill. When you’re in the outdoors, there’s no caring for what the actual scientific temperature is. And I was never much for science anyway. It’s what’s stinging your face and freezing every other exposed part of your body that counts.

Everything I just said can totally be disregarded, because none of the photos in this post actually correspond to the nonsense I have just put forth, for which one tiny little detail is completely at fault.

There is a hole in my jeans. Actually, there are several, but they were tenderly patched up by my beloved mother with adorable floral patches, which will definitely have to be saved for another post. This whole look could totally endure the chilly temperatures, if only the wind didn’t always find a way to divert its intended path to the hole in my jeans and freeze my entire being.

This is a problem that can be solved, and that’s where your grandmother’s nude nylon tights which you have scorned up until now become particularly useful. I’ve also praised nylon tights in another post featuring a romper made primarily for warmer Australian climates, and here they prove even more useful. It’s not like anyone will notice either! You’ll just be really cozy while people stare at your chic ensemble in awe that your legs were able to bear the cold, wind, and snow. The rest of your look can be hidden under your parka. Yes, camisoles in winter are definitely a thing for me.

S0 that’s one little detail. Another can be found on the blouse.

This gorgeous black chiffon top features a neck tie that can be fashioned into a bow, double knot, or even a choker if you’re savvy enough. In any case, they’ve become pretty fashionable as of late (thank goodness chokers have progressed past the phase of angsty adolescence), and the detailing is a surefire way to spruce up any look as uniform as mine. Boring jeans and a shirt? Not anymore.

Blouse: Editorial Boutique (similar style here and here…and they’re both on sale!) |

Shoes: Zara (similar style here) | Jeans: Vintage Guess


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