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Café M




There’s this teeny little French Cafe on the corner of Pins and Saint Laurent that goes by the name of Cafe M. Adjusting back to regular, everyday hours has resulted in the need for coffee (which I had gone almost a month without…hence the lack of café posts…) and I wanted to try places that were closer to the Plateau, Montreal’s hub for all things hip.

It was so easy for me to adapt to the anglophone culture of Toronto, so I found myself strangely at a loss for words when I heard the barista’s friendly bonjour, [insert rapid French here]. I may not know much of the language, but I can certainly order coffee. I found myself stuttering back in English. How embarrassing!

Café M has good coffee and flaky croissants, so they cover all of the basics. I kind of like their system of paying only when you leave, like most restaurants. That only works because the place is so small, with little sitting room. Cozy, but a bit cramped. Other than that, the place is good for studying. My only complaint? My cappuccino came in a glass. So it looked cool, but I kept burning my hands.



    • Thank you! I found I didn’t really need it. So in that sense I gave up drinking it everyday, and only had it when I went to cafes (which wasn’t very often during final exams period)

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      • Musings says

        That makes sense. I wish I didn’t need it/had the willpower to quit!


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