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It’s all in the bag

Every blogger babe needs a good bag. Or several. Besides the actual outfit, the bag is the glue that ties the whole look – and Instagram/blog post – together. Without it, this girl-on-the-go can’t possibly capture half the moments she manages to.

The bag must fit the following requirements:

  • It’s lightweight on its own: despite sculpted arms, a babe knows it’s not practical to carry double the weight she has to.
  • It’s adaptable: it must go with 90% of her wardrobe. Bags are expensive, and the blogging life is not always as prosperous as it seems
  • Unless it’s a Chanel bag, it doesn’t boast massive logos: the babe is not a walking advertisement. She trusts that you’ll have to tap on her Instagram post to view her tags and find out just where she got that gorgeous tote from
  • It has to fit the essentials: camera, magazine, potentially a laptop too, and makeup to touch up before shoots of course…

I got this bag over the holidays, in dire need of a “Blogger Bag”. It’s sleek, minimal, super soft leather, and fits everything I need to carry around in my day, with just enough extra space for my emergency chocolate.

It’s all in the bag.

Bag: Auxiliary


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