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New Year, No New Colours




Ladies, let me give you a tip:

The H&M men’s section is top notch and FAR more organized than the zoo that is the women’s section. Aesthetically pleasing, if you will.

It appears to me that this past holiday season, I added no colour whatsoever to my wardrobe. Instead you’re more likely to see me slinking about town in this awesome satin-y bomber jacket that looks like I stole it from my non-existent mobster boyfriend. Oversized, sleek, and comfortable (though not very warm – it’s just a shell) it goes with everything (hence the black colour), yet still manages to stand out and catch the eye of passers-by on the street. Pair it with a gorgeous bag, and you’ve got luxe-tomboy down pat.

Colour, step aside. There’s another time and place to feature the Pantone world.

Jacket: H&M Mens | Bag: Auxiliary


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  1. That jacket is amazing!

    If you have a chance, please check out my Lookbook page 🙂

    Krys x


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