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Comfy and Cozy are We






I’m still warming up to the idea of wearing leggings in public. It started a year ago with leather leggings, and there were no regrets there (although I think I need a better quality pair…), and then I began to see celebrities looking super cool and sporty with their leggings and Nike runners.

I wasn’t sure if I was ready to embrace that look yet.

However, I strayed off of the sporty path and was inspired by a friend who found these super fun velvet leggings from Aritzia. And before you sigh, roll your eyes, and utter “so American Apparel”, let me tell you that these leggings actually look and feel so different. First of all, they have a high waistband. So you’re off the hook for holding your tummy in this holiday season. Secondly, they almost look like a different texture, and I have people asking me what the leggings are made of.

People, they’re velvet. But they really don’t always look like it. Is this some form of ambiguous legging? Possibly. But they’re super fun and there’s only so many years where I’ll be able to wear them before officially accepting adulthood. Until then, they’re absolutely appropriate for the club.

I can’t forget to mention┬áthis sweater. Fashion BNKR has been a gem yet again and sent me this beautiful cropped knit turtleneck from Finders Keepers the Label that I find really hard not to wear every single day. It’s oversized and cozy, yet that crop makes me feel a little more fun. Definitely not the typical turtleneck. It’s the MVP sweater of the season for sure.

Leggings: Aritzia | Sweater: Finders Keepers the Label


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