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Before I get into this post, Merry Christmas (or casual day in December) to all of you. It also happens to be the FIRST ANNIVERSARY of Tees & Coffee, so it’s kind of a Happy New Year occasion for me as well! Thank you for all of your support this past year since I launched my website. Each and every one of you that takes the time to visit my Instagram and read my blog are the reason I do this and the motivation for all of my posts and pictures. Kisses to you all.

You may or may not have noticed from my holiday inspiration post that I have a thing for glitter. It’s my favourite way to be festive during the holiday season, and is always a good way to cover up my dark eye circles when I don’t get enough beauty sleep hehe.

These celestial earrings were sent to me by Foxy Originals, a Toronto-based company that sells hand-crafted jewellery. As scary as space is, its magnificence is captivating and that’s why I loved Foxy’s Moon and Star earrings. It also allowed me to feel like a whimsical, glittery, celestial queen for this photoshoot. And I think we can all agree that mismatched earrings that still match somehow are paradoxically wonderful and therefore trendy.

Clearly, I live in a bubble that doesn’t make any sense.

On that note, Merry Christmas to all of you beautiful people. Thank you for reading this post and continuing to support me throughout my endeavours! Best wishes for a most memorable and healthy 2016.

Make sure you check out Foxy Originals too! It’s always a good feeling to support local brands, and their designs are adorable. I also have an elephant bangle from them that I absolutely adore. There’s something for everyone of every kind of style, even the minimalist like myself.

Earrings: Foxy Originals


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