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Final exams have finished (for me), and I couldn’t be more relieved. Yes, yes, I know that my diligence with posting regularly on Instagram has gone out the window. My apologies, just trying to earn a degree.

But now that’s out of the way.

This is the look I sported throughout finals, when I tried my hardest to avoid wearing my most comfortable loungewear (it was very difficult, particularly on those days where I confined myself to my room…), because you may already know from my previous outfit post that I love a good all-black outfit to conquer the city. So when I came home, I spruced up the look with a simple neck tie that I had picked up two years prior on a trip to Italy. The scarf had hung forlornly in my room until I remembered how much I loved it. Who needs an Hermes scarf when you have this?

Actually, I would very much like an Hermes scarf.

This is probably the most colour I’ve worn in ages.

Totally embracing it. With my favourite Acne Studios booties. And as my idol Margaret Zhang would say, “No makeup. Ever.”

Amen, sister.

Top: Six Crisp Days (Editorial Boutique) | Jeans: Just Jeans USA


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