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I’ve recently gotten into hot yoga. As a poor starving student, a friend told me about the amazing free classes offered by Moksha Yoga Montreal, and now I’m so inspired by how in-tune yogis are with their minds and bodies. ┬áSuch a mindset is useful during final exams.

However, that is another story for another time.

After yoga class this past Friday, I was in desperate need of brunch and somehow could not make it all the way back to my place to eat food that was already paid for. Again, poor starving student. Poor starving student in need of a good cappuccino. Further north up Saint Laurent is this cafe that really does not present the exterior of a typical cafe: the sign is shoddy, the whole outside looks slightly unkempt. However, walk in and you’ll be immersed in a modernly-earthy environment that provokes an instant sigh of relief. It’s a cafe-lover’s bliss. And the coffee: the barista asks if you want cacao powder in it, and if you do he sprinkles some in before adding milk and the result is a speckled swirl of aromatic goodness. Need I say more?

I do. The food offered here is more than your typical coffee shop. Treat yourself with either a Nutella croissant (trying to avoid that with the healthy yoga lifestyle), or go all out with their sandwiches. I expected just a little grilled cheese sandwich, but what I got was a grilled cheese AND┬áPEAR sandwich (the best combination ever invented), plus a side salad with dressing. And it’s perfectly laid out. So insta-worthy.

This place is fantastic for studying, catching up with friends over food, or hiding out on a solo coffee date. Or a real coffee date. The choice is yours.






Pretty random, but can we just take in this wall? #ootd background…


The nutella croissants are on your right, protected by a wall of glass so I don’t run off with all of them stuffed in my face.

Visit their website here!


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