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Urban Jungle







They say New York City never sleeps. I don’t live there, but that feeling of the city’s heartbeat has infected the streets of urban cities worldwide. It keeps you motivated, awake, and always alert. There’s no need to sit back and watch it all pass by.

This is especially true during finals season, where students are up at ungodly hours, working day and night and feeling the buildup and tension prowl alongside them like a wild animal.

That is, of course, until it’s all over and we can bask in the bliss of utter idleness. If only for a week or two. Because really, it’s a jungle out there. The best way to conquer the¬†metropolitan mayhem is with a sleek, all-black uniform and a good pair of shades, rain or shine. Smooth like a cat, slick for a quick getaway.

Sweater: The Gap | Jeans: Just USA Jeans (Editorial Boutique) | Boots: Zara



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