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Maison Kitsuné


If the kitten on the to-go cup didn’t win your heart, then maybe their coffee will. Located just before Prince Arthur meets Saint Laurent (close to Juliette et Chocolat, but that is another story), this cafe is almost out of place within a residential area. However, that only makes it a neighbourhood secret, and all the more special.

Kitsuné (not to be confused with Maison Kitsuné), first of all, plays good music. It’s wild and unexpected, but it urges one to listen. Park your bicycle at the indoor bike rack (no worries about having your precious ride stolen), grab a cappucino, treat yourself to a delicious muffin or cookie (so many oats it outweighs the fact that it’s really dessert), and stay a while. And make sure you get there early, or at an off-peak hour; the area is well aware of this gem, and it’s popular for meetings, studying, catching up…and space is limited.

The coffee is worth it. So, so good. And if you’re not a coffee drinker, they have freshly pressed juice. There’s a little something for everyone. There’s even a bathroom! And make sure you visit the bathroom. Let me know what you make of the W/C sign.

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