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Shadow Play






Photography: Sonya Romashina | Styling: Sasha Mei | Model: Sasha Mei

My sincerest apologies for my lack of posting this week! I’ve had midterm exams and food poisoning, and the combination was not something that resulted in an enjoyable experience. Nevertheless, I’m back now, ready to try on more clothes and drink more coffee!

I was so excited for the new collection from Australia’s The Fifth label to drop in order to continue fulfilling my role as a Fashion Bunker style innovator, and after many postal miscommunications I finally got this beautiful, classic playsuit in the mail. And here, I prove it’s possible to play up summer Australian fashion in the chilly city that is Montreal. Nylon tights not only make the temperature more bearable, but they can also easily be found in your mother’s/grandmother’s closet (fashion repeats, ladies), and conceal the abundance of bruises/lack of tan on your legs.

Lame jokes aside, I love this playsuit for its versatility. The Fifth is noteworthy for their casual elegance: their pieces can be dressed up or down depending on your accessories (I dressed it up here with my Mary Jane heels), and the quality is impeccable. This playsuit is made with a crepe-like material that is durable and drapes naturally. Effortless is the word I’m looking for here. And, since I’m a fan of simplicity, the ability for this piece to be delicate, trendy, and flexible all without fancy prints or cuts is super appealing.

Big thanks to Steph Dugan, Fashion BNKR, and Sonya Romashina for making this post happen. Much love to you all.

Playsuit: The Fifth Label | Shoes: Urban Outfitters



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