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Cadette Jewelry Giveaway!


Don’t let the name “Cadette Jewelry” fool you; this up-and-coming line of luxe accessories is redefining the concept of boldness. So put any image you had of Girl Scouts and girls in uniform out of your mind. The collection is designed and hand-crafted in Toronto, Canada, by Allison Asis. She states that her collection “consists of pieces that make subtle references to her two greatest inspirations, art and nature, and exudes an ethereal aura overall.” It adds a simple effect to her jewellery that oozes wanderlust, confidence, and recognizes the wearer for the free-spirited individual she is. In Asis’ eyes, simplicity mades the most significant statement. 

Huge thank you to Allison for sending me this beautiful piece. It’s made of 14 kt gold and has a beautiful rose quartz gem and real freshwater pearls. The quality is surreal. AND YOU CAN HAVE YOUR OWN. I’ve teamed up with Allison to launch a giveaway. You can win your very own Raleigh Necklace (the one I’m wearing). Today (September 23, 2015) I will post  picture of this necklace on my INSTAGRAM, and all you have to do is LIKE, and FOLLOW both @cadettejewelry and myself on Instagram. One winner will be selected at the end of the week to receive this beautiful prize! Best of luck to all!

On a side note, I’d like to apologize for the grainy quality of the photos I’ve recently posted. Since moving cities, I no longer have access to a fancy digital SLR, but I’m working on it! Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Necklace: Cadette Jewelry | T-shirt: Wilfred


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