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Cafe Myriade

IMG_1251 4

Processed with Rookie Cam

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I found my new favourite little hideaway stowed in the basement of one of my favourite stores. The Club Monaco on Rue Sainte-Catherine has a Cafe Myriade in their basement! When searching up cafes in Montreal (because of course I would), I learned that Cafe Myriade was one of the first “hip” cafes to open in the city. And I was most delighted to pass by Club Monaco and see a promising sign in the store window that said “Cafe Myriade”. Their coffee is pretty great, although it has a strong after taste, and their food (particularly their croissants) are unreal. Don’t let the fact that this coffee shop is in a clothing store fool you. It has its own designated area filled with food and books and other things that make a cafe modern and cozy. I could stay here for hours.


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