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Lit Espresso Bar


I’m happy to inform you that as of quite a while ago, Lit Espresso Bar opened up a midtown location! They are the perfect combination of casual and polished. It makes a lot more sense in my head, but this place has a very unique environment. Picture a classic, cozy coffee shop setting. Now add chandeliers and marble tables here and there. That’s Lit.

I had decaf espresso (caffeine affects me, and after about 3pm i’ll be awake all night if I indulge in a cappuccino), which was a little strong in a sour-y way for my taste, but I hear fantastic things about their regular espresso. I think it’s something you’ll have to try for yourself.

I can’t possibly neglect to mention the vast selection of deserts, pastries, and sandwiches they had. They even had delicious-looking vegan, gluten-free, and preservative-free granola bars, which I bought for a Friday treat. Try the brownies. Seriously. And tell me what you think.


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