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You Can’t Change Time

I fist tried blogging four years ago. Back then I really wanted to start a lifestyle blog, and concluded that the best possible first post was one outlining my skincare regime. Of course, not many people are interested in what a thirteen year-old has to say about complexion, and I found myself rightfully, yet mercilessly, teased about my blog by some older girls I knew. Thank goodness that blog does not exist now (and although those girls asked me to remind them of that blog’s URL, being poked fun at unknowingly at some older high school party was not the kind of publicity I was looking for).

Tees & Coffee has been my creative outlet for about a year now, where all of my fashion inspiration has been collected, edited, and presented to anyone who may have found it interesting. It has also blessed me with many opportunities and opened my mind to the ever-expanding blogging and fashion industry. So, one year later, I’m happy and fortunate to announce that there will be some pretty big changes for my life and my blog in the following weeks to come! Here goes:

  1. I’ll be moving to a new city. Studying remains an important part of my life, and Shine By Three‘s Margaret Zhang has inspired me to do it all. Blog, study, work, play. It’s all in the package. Fortunately it’s a fashion-forward city that will, no doubt, provide ample opportunities for blogging.
  2. I have become a member of the Her Campus Blogger Network. Her Campus is a website for young, studying women. I’m honoured to be considered a part of the community, which provides their members with a network of other creative individuals. Maybe one day you’ll see some of my work on their website. Who knows?
  3. I am a Trendsetter on a soon-to-be-launched app called Trendly. Big thanks to Michael Riddering for this opportunity. I’m excited to share my personal style with a new form of social media. Until it launches, get discovered with the hashtag #beTrendly.
  4. I am working on a collaboration with a new online store called Rox ‘N’ Bunny. Rox ‘N’ Bunny is a Toronto-based jewellery destination for bold, statement jewellery pieces. Look out for a post featuring their products soon!
  5. I have become a Style Innovator on Australian fashion destination BNKR. This is probably the announcement I’m most psyched to share with you. If you know me well, you’ll know I think that the fashion industry in Australia is currently killing it. You may have heard these names: Keepsake the label, Finders Keepers the label, C/MEO Collective, Castor and  Pollux, Josh Goot, Talulah, Sass and Bide, The Fifth. Some of these labels can be found on Fashion BNKR, and I’m super excited to be a part of this new project. I think promoting Australian fashion and the impact it’s made in the industry recently is important (Urban Outfitters already did it, if you hadn’t noticed). Thank you so much to Keepsake the label and Steph!

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has read and supported me since I started Tees & Coffee. You are the motivation for this continued project and creative outlet. I’m so grateful for your feedback, and I’m astonished by how word of the blog and my Instagram has spread. I hope you continue to stay tuned. Much love to all of you.



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