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BC Part 3: Greenhorn Espresso Bar

In the West End of Vancouver lies a lively cafe called Greenhorn. With an enticing interior that can be sighted from the street through the cafe’s wall-to-wall front windows, we simply had to visit.

I won’t talk about the espresso too much since I found it rather mediocre (not smooth enough), though I surprisingly didn’t find that too important. This cafe is bustling with life. It has a diverse menu of food and drinks (re: pictures of beautiful bottles containing elderflower drink and the paper menus on the wall above), a record store, art gallery, DJ booth, and a personal music station where one can enjoy and explore different sounds through noise-blocking headphones. And I couldn’t possibly forget to mention that there is plenty of space for studying, socializing, and standing around. This place does it all. So I’d like to say that this is a fantastic hangout that the West End has to offer.

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