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BC Part 2: Whistler Photo Journal



Whistler was wild. The day we arrived was when the smoke from many wildfires in the surrounding area was just beginning to clear. The view wasn’t exactly too clear, but the place was beautiful. I can’t even imagine how spectacular the view would be had the smoke cleared earlier!

We stayed at the Fairmont Chateau in the Upper Village, which had a ton of services and amenities ready for use…I took advantage of the health club immediately. And I decided to assimilate into the healthy granola culture of the West Coast by visiting The Naked Sprout, a juice bar with delicious healthy food. I ordered a bean and brown rice salad with avocado and alfalfa and was hooked. It’s got me motivated to stay eating well!

We also did the Peak to Peak venture on Blackcomb Mountain. I love heights, and riding the chairlifts and gondolas from mountain to mountain was breathtaking.

My favourite activity, however, was hiking on the Lost Lake trail to find Lost Lake. It epitomizes the Canadian environment.


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