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Snapshot: Nowhere Everywhere


So you may or may not have noticed a few posts on my Instagram featuring the same outfit. It’s a part of a little impromptu phone photo shoot my sister and I had several weeks ago soon after getting my new iPhone 6 (which I am currently obsessed with). I thought, as a little bit of Friday inspiration, I’d share the rest of the photos with you all. All pieces minus the shoes are from Aritzia, who have been promoting the theme of wanderlust and exploration for their summer campaign. My explorations led me to step into Honest Ed’s for the first time before it closes down (it’s such a shame…although it’s worse that I hadn’t been in the store prior to my venture to Bloor West), where I found adjacent pictures of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, my favourite singers in the world. Thus, here is my collection of photographs that have taken me Nowhere and Everywhere #nowhereeverywhere

Knit: Aritzia | Dress: Aritzia (similar style here) | Shoes: Shelleys London


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