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BC Feature Part 1: Timbertrain Coffee

This cafe is the first of five from my recent trip to British Columbia. Vancouver is such a beautiful city; someone told me that you really haven’t seen Canada until you’ve explored the BC province, and after my trip I must agree.

I did a little cafe hopping while in Vancouver. My first stop was Timbertrain Coffee Roasters, located in Gastown. For Torontonians, picture the lovechild of Queen West and the Distillery District and that’s a pretty accurate portrait of the neighbourhood that is Gastown. Full of hip cafes and independent boutiques, this part of town became my favourite. And Timbertrain did not disappoint. While their macchiatos are a little more like cortados (no complaint there), their coffee is spectacular and smooth. As for food, we ordered a Belgian waffle and almond croissant and those were delectable. Call me a snob, but that’s really the best way to describe it. This is, hands down, my favourite cafe from the entire trip. It’s an exemplar of Vancouver’s coffee culture.


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