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Photography: Yazmin Harris

When your close friend is leaving for a long trip, it’s natural to feel sad and a little lost. However, when she’s a fellow blogger, there’s a mutual understanding of how vital it is to have a final (for now!) photoshoot. My amazing friend Yazmin from blog Verse & Vogue is going to Paris! So we prepped her blog before she left (and I learned that I’m really not as technically adept as I had predicted), visited Dineen Cafe (a personal downtown favourite), and shot a semi-new look I had put together.

Most pieces from this outfit aren’t new, and let me explain. The skort is retro DKNY, a gem from my mother’s closet. The bag, which has proved extremely useful for its Mary Poppins bag-like properties (read: it fits a ridiculous amount of life essentials – junk – that I simply must carry with me), is a classic Coach bag from the 90’s. And the “mock-turtleneck” top was a steal: I found it in a designer consignment store and upon checking the label I found it was Prada. The kind lady at the store gave it to me for half-price. Someone else’s trash became my treasure. I absolutely love consignment and secondhand stores when you set aside enough time for them: it’s one-of-a-kind. Alas, I cannot post links to shop this outfit, but I hope I’ve motivated you to get thrifty!



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