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Green Beanery

I’ve discovered a recent love for the charming Bloor West area near the Annex. I’m partly drawn to the documentaries at Bloor HotDocs Cinema (I saw Albert Maysles’ Iris¬†yesterday evening and was positively charmed), but also to the precious little restaurants, bistros, and pubs colourfully lining the streets. Green Beanery has been on my cafe radar for a while, so today I decided to sacrifice my health regime (dieting simply doesn’t work with me) for an afternoon cappuccino. Thank goodness this isn’t Paris.

This cafe, I must say, is excellent for studying. It’s calm despite the large space and concentration of people, but I must say that simply was not what I was in the mood for. Perhaps the experience wasn’t quite as fun because of the gloomy weather, or the fact that I would normally prefer tinier and cozier cafes, but the baristas and coffee were great nonetheless. I’m still partial to Dineen and Zaza’s, and I’ll openly admit that their coffee is my preferred kind of brew, but if you want a retreat from the brightness of Bloor street, step into Green Beanery for a while and feel instantly sophisticated. Buy yourself a good espresso machine if you’re feeling fancy. I recommend the food.

Until next time!

Visit the cafe website here to be immersed in their Eco-friendly vision.


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