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Cafe Belong


One of my favourite summer activities is biking around the city. There’s a great trail in Sunnybrook Park that can take one from uptown to downtown through a picturesque and thoroughly enjoyable route. It serves recreational and practical purposes: I save so much money on transportation.

I made my first bike trip to the Evergreen Brickworks off of Bayview this past weekend to enjoy the Saturday farmer’s market. After lunch we couldn’t resist stopping at the bustling Cafe Belong. How can you, when the name makes the Cheers theme song echo in your mind? The cafe is beautiful, and they’ve got a great espresso machine and an impressive selection of freshly baked goods that are so tempting. The espresso is extra strong and their cookies were delicious. They definitely did not fail to impress, and a place I’d revisit. A good caffeine burst makes the bike ride home ten times easier.

The only thing I’d comment on are the paper cups. But in such a busy cafe in a touristy vicinity like the Brickworks, I understand the difficulty of managing multitudes of mugs. Nonetheless, it’s a lovely and social cafe to be at on a hot summer’s day spent with family and good friends.


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