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Le Neuf Cafe

When you’re craving the charm of Paris but lack the ability to instantly transport yourself to the City of Love, look no further than the quaint Le Neuf cafe┬ájust south of King St. West and Spadina. It’s a hidden gem, with one of the most beautifully and classically decorated interiors I’ve seen in Toronto.

The guys working there are French speaking, and you’re bound to love their accents and personality when they ask you for your order. Service was a tad slow, but hey, when you’re in Paris there’s really no rush.

The espresso has a particularly strong taste, which I happen to like, but if you’re in the mood for something a little less hefty I’d reccommend the flat white. It contains the amount of milk of a latte with less foam. The desserts and pastries are pretty good too! They also have lunch menus, so take off your jacket and stay a while. The only thing missing? Macarons.

I hope I just helped you out with your weekly cafe venture. It’s a beautiful Saturday! Happy weekend.

Also, keep checking in on Tees & Coffee. I have a surprise that I’m super excited to post and can’t wait to share. Stay tuned!

Explore Le Neuf here.


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