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Tees & Coffee and Blue Poppi




There’s something to be said about buying locally. Food, clothes, accessories, you name it. It’s personal. So when Natalie and Nicole approached me about their new jewellery lineĀ Blue Poppi, I couldn’t resist a collaboration.

Blue Poppi is a jewellery line that focuses on minimalism with personality. Their pieces are cute, simplistic, and wearable with anything. I am wearing the “Three Tiered Spear” necklace, which is actually three necklaces in one! You can take them apart or wear them together, which maximizes the customizable potential. That’s personality.

As university students, these girls also understandĀ the amount of stress that a budget puts on young fashion-lovers. Blue Poppi is affordable and high-quality. All pieces are handmade in downtown Toronto, and with that you can expect perfection. Also, each piece comes in the cutest little faux leather pouch (not pictured) as a bonus. Although minimalist, Blue Poppi certainly has an eye for detail. They don’t miss a thing.

Make sure you check out their website and Instagram. Happy shopping!

Big big thanks to both Natalie and Nicole for the beautiful jewellery. I am in love!


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