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T&C Takes NTC

Since today wraps up Nike Women’s Weekend, I thought I’d share a little story:

Six weeks ago my friend Trystenne asked me if I was a morning person. I said I could be if I really tried, why? She replied that she had been asked by Nike Inc. to be a training captain for a six week series of Nike Training Club classes called #DoneByDawn. Nike? How could I resist? I said absolutely, and that was the beginning of NTC and how I came to love Mondays.

Each Monday morning I’d be up by 5:30am and out of the house by 6 in order to get to the National Ballet of Canada on Jarvis, where we were trained in a class by a local Nike trainer from 6:30-7am. We were pampered with Fiji Water and towels sporting the sleek NTC logo (six of which are sitting in my linen closet), and trained by the amazing Megan Moniz. Each session was based on workouts from the NTC app, which I have become obsessed with. It’s excellent for tracking progress!

She had us prepped for Nike Women’s Weekend 2015, where I was invited by Trystenne to join her at the wrap-up class this past Friday at the beautiful Crystal Coliseum on the water just off of Harbourfront Centre. The custom-built floating building hosted over 30 classes this past weekend, and the one I went to was taught by trainers Eva Redpath and Marie Purvis, both of whom I find extremely motivating and inspiring. We got to try out Nike gel shoes, which provided the most comfortable studio workout experience I’ve ever had. So Nike, the trial was a success. I’m going to have to buy those shoes now.

So the result of this is that I feel fantastic, I want to wear Nike all of the time, and I’m sad it’s all over. Until next time, I’ll just be killing it on the NTC app!

Here are too many photos accumulated from my experience. Photo credits go to Trystenne Burey and Nike Inc. Thank you so much Trys for the experience of a lifetime and for motivating me through many squats and dolphin push ups! (which can be found on the Carli Lloyd workout on the app) 🙂

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