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Bobbette & Belle

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In the words of Paul Simon: ‘Twas a sunny day / not a cloud was in the sky / not a negative word was heard / from the people passing by…

Such a beautiful kind of day makes me crave adventure! However, since this country decided that it would be a fantastic idea to snow a little in the morning (it’s almost May. May. Come on), I wasn’t in the mood to venture too far. So we made it to the sophisticated and growing little part of the city north of Lawrence. Bobbette & Belle, a baking company/cafe/patisserie known for their beautiful cakes and design, opened a location in the neighbourhood during the Fall of 2014. I’d always wanted to try it; it seemed appealing to those who would really rather live in Europe. Needless to say the place fit all my expectations: decor (I want wherever I may live to look like this), coffee, hot chocolate that’s like a melted chocolate bar with toasted marshmallow on top, cupcakes, Sloane fine teas, apple tarts (which are a little better than the ones at La Boheme, even though we previously thought the standard of those was unbeatable), macarons…

It’s a little slice of heaven perfect for a Friday afternoon with your closest friends. It’s strange to think that a few years ago, the neighbourhood north of Yonge and Lawrence was barren, if not unattractive. Now, you’ll find a crowd that’s over the hype of Yonge and Eglinton and looking for somewhere a little more sophisticated, quiet, and perhaps a little closer to home. Dozens of cafes have recently opened along the street, including Butter London, another favourite of mine. For me, it used to be downtown Toronto and that was it. Now, if I’m looking for something a little bit more peaceful and friendly, I know I’ll find it in this charming part of town, and that I’ll probably find myself again at Bobbette & Belle for my dose of Paree!

Bobbette & Belle not only makes fantastic baked goods ready for sale and delicious drinks. They also cater towards special events. Make sure you check out their website to see their beautiful designs (it’s really a work of art), and keep them in mind for your next occasion!


Instagram: @bobbetteandbelle



  1. The place looks really nice and the food looks delicious! I must visit! I stumbled upon your Instagram and agh I just fell in love with you and your blog. You got me hooked! ❤


    • Thank you! I’m glad you like my blog and insta! Hopefully more posts will go up as the weather improves


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