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Clothing Haul: Missguided

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting mail. A letter from a friend…a postcard…a package…that’s just something the world wide web will never quite be able to master.  My Monday (which was not bad to begin with) became instantly better when I came home to a package full of goodies from Missguided, an online company from the UK known for their fresh, trendy, and affordable fashion. There’s probably a thousand things on that website that suit each person’s individual taste, and that would only be a small percentage of how much stock Missguided carries as a whole. The selection is infinite.

I had a navy and white colour palette with my order, which consisted of a shift dress, leather skirt, tank top, and sunglasses. The total order was exactly US$100, and my absolute favourite thing about Missguided is that taxes are already included in the listed prices, and they’re not stupid numbers like $23.98. For someone who’s OCD like me, seeing nice, clean, whole numbers puts my mind at peace.

What didn’t put my mind at peace, though, was the thirty-something dollar duty charge I had to pay upon the package’s arrival. The package came quickly; it took two business days to arrive at my doorstep. Thank goodness I did not have to pay for the clothing, otherwise that duty fee would not have been worth it. Perks of living in Canada!

I’m so looking forward to creating a lookbook with these pieces to blog. Look out for it sometime this weekend – next week. And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out Missguided’s website; it’s impressive.

Happy Spring!


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