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Barbados 2015

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nailed it.

nailed it.


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Winter has gone on far too long. Ask anyone North of Florida and they will have to agree with you. I was hardly surprised when I arrived in Barbados with half of Canada’s population, ready to soak up some sun after months of being kept in the cold dark.

We stayed at the Hilton resort, which has lovely facilities (though a little tired), and a private beach. Most beaches in Barbados are public, so the privacy of this little cove was perfect for a relaxing vacation. We spent about three days baking in the sun, and I was shocked that I got burned! I really don’t burn easily, but I guess that’s what living in Canada will do to you.

A catamaran ride became the highlight of the trip, where we ventured to another side of the island and spotted sea turtles and swam in crystal blue water and had our fair share of rum punch.  And that is a spring break well spent.


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