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Bull Dog Cafe

Don’t worry, I certainly have noticed the disproportionate ratio of posts about coffee shops to posts about fashion. In this weather, coffee just seems to be a higher priority! I have some fashion posts in the making for you though.

This cafe has been on my list since last summer, but never did I find myself in a convenient location to make a visit. I was pleasantly surprised today when I was visiting Ryerson University to have a notification pop up on my phone: “Bull Dog Cafe. View Notification”. See, if you didn’t know already that you could do this, iPhones have the ability to notify you of something when you are in the neighbourhood (it’s in the reminders app). I took advantage of my phone and made a list of a ton of Toronto cafes that I have to visit during my lifetime.

If you find yourself in the College station neighbourhood, make your way to 89 Granby Street and you’ll find Bull Dog on the Block. It’s this little nook of a cafe where the barista is a skilled whistler and you can get coffee in a clear mug (and it looks really cool!). Make sure you get a croissant too; I was talking to a lovely lady in the cafe and she said that they were especially similar to the ones that she had while in Paris. The croissant I had in Paris that I can most remember was in front of the Musee D’orsay, and it was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted. Upon taking a bite out of the croissant at Bull Dog, I knew that this was going to be just as good. I seem to have a Parisian trend surfacing in many of my recent posts, but let’s face it: Paris knows good food, coffee, and fashion. Even if you’re not a fan of coffee, I highly recommend that you pick up a croissant from this teeny tiny coffee shop. They are to die for. And so is the coffee! It’s obvious why it made my list of places to visit.



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