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La Bohème

If you are in the mood for spacious, fresh, Parisian goodness, look no further than La Boheme, a patisserie situated just north of Yonge and Eglinton. Promise me that if you visit, you will indulge in more than just un cafe. You must, must, must try at least two desserts: one pastry from the abundance of baskets located just out of reach, and another dessert that you select based on how prettily it is decorated. I guarantee that it will taste fantastic! My friend and I could not resist getting the apple crumble and the chocolate mousse (though my all-time favourite when I come here is this apple pastry that I have no name for…the apples are so thinly sliced, it’s a piece of heaven), which complemented our cappuccinos and lattes perfectly. Did I mention how fantastic the coffee was? Very smooth, not too strong, perfect for any time of day.

If you need an early getaway before spring break, venture down to La Boheme to experience your inner Parisienne. This is another one of my favourite cafes for sure, and top of my list for food.



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