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Photography: Yazmin Harris

I don’t know about you, but I’m just about done with winter fashion. So I’ve decided to cheat (even though today was practically a heat wave…only -6 degrees Celcius!) and wear tights with my spring clothes. I hate shopping in-between seasons because it feels like there aren’t any good clothes out, but I needed some new basic pieces and this dress caught my eye. Multi-seasonal and extremely versatile, I channeled my inner Kate Moss and went for simplicity.

When tights no longer are necessary, I will most likely buy this dress in white. You know what, I should just take every colour. Because I’m a fan of the minimalist movement, and I think it’s a great trend for spring. Purity is fresh.

Dress: Wilfred Free | Cardigan: Topshop (similar) | Shoes: Topshop (similar – winter salt has not benefited them)



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