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De Mello Palheta

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I can’t put off making a post about this amazing cafe any longer. De Mello Palheta, known as “De Mello’s” to my friends and I, has made itself my Central Perk over the past year. It’s also located in the Uptown Yonge neighbourhood (re: my post about Himalayan Java), and is always packed with interesting people. They are a cafe dedicated to perfecting the art of coffee, with highly trained baristas and excellent service. And all of that training sure pays off, because they make some of the best coffee in the city.

Funny story (although I’ve faced the fact that I’m really not that good of a story teller): the first time I went to this cafe, I dropped my phone down the stairs, and it got stuck in a hollow space underneath the staircase. After much aggravation and endless phone calls, I was told that there was no way my sad mobile phone could be retrieved. Alors, my uncle and my father walked into the cafe with their drills, screwdrivers, and a plethora of other tools and before long, they were taking out the stairs at De Mello Palheta. Of course, they got my phone back, and the bewildered cafe owners stared at us when we walked out of the place. However, they now remember me whenever I go back. I’m “that girl who dropped her phone”. I feel so loved!

No, seriously. This cafe is amazing. Trendy, upbeat, fun, great coffee and BEYOND amazing food (I highly recommend the coconut lemon square…it is delectable), this cafe will make you rethink coffee. It’s top notch!

Visit their site here for more info.


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