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Himalayan Java


One of my go-to cafes lies nestled in the bustling neighbourhood known as Uptown Yonge. Himalayan Java has made a name for itself brewing Nepali coffee since it was founded in 1999 in Kathmandu. Since then, they’ve found their way to the heart of Canada, spreading the goodness of South Asian coffee to where I can enjoy it, which of course is all that matters!

Maybe it’s because I’m from Southeast Asia, but this café felt like home to me the moment I walked in. The calm, cozy vibe envelops the entire space, and the kind baristas are proud to role model what South Asian hospitality is really like. Order a drink, take a seat, stay a while. Your coffee will be made with care and brought to your seat. The most fun part is the latte art, which is different every time I go. Some days it’s zoo animals, others it’s cute little Teddy bears, and if you’re lucky you may even get SpongeBob! As for the actual coffee? Quite delicious, if I do say so myself. Not too strong a brew, and they are pretty generous with their serving sizes.

If you’re feeling worldly, I’d say give this café a try. If you’re not, I’d still say give this café a try. It has the greatest atmosphere for all activities: working, studying, socializing. It takes on a neighbourhood quality while maintaining its exotic vibe.

For more information, check out their website here.




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