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Royal Treatment

This afternoon I decided to explore the King West neighborhood, with the hope of reaching some sort of coffee-providing destination. Located at the Fashion House my sister and I found an exquisite café appropriately named Her Majesty’s Pleasure. Instead of venturing further west to discover what else King St. had to offer, we found our freezing selves sitting at the uber-feminine bar of Her Majesty’s Pleasure, waiting for cappuccinos.

Only four months old, HMP is a café that offers beauty services as well, and before you are completely turned off by this concept, let me just point out that these two parts of the café are sectioned APART from one another. You do not have to stare at some lady’s pedicured feet whilst you sip your coffee. It’s really quite a nice place. As soon as we walked in and I asked for permission to obnoxiously take photos, the gentleman at the bar said, “Oh absolutely. This place was made for Instagram.”

The coffee wasn’t the smoothest I’ve ever had, but it was pleasant and the barista won my heart when he said “Oh my god that is the worst latte I’ve ever made. I have to make another one for you with latte art, I’m sorry.” They also offer alcoholic beverages if you are feeling up to it, made by a true Irishman. Great service, hilarious conversations, satisfactory coffee, and beautiful interiors make up the lovely place that is Her Majesty’s Pleasure. Check out their website here and the pictures below.

hmp 05hmp 03hmp 02hmp 01 (1)hmp 04


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