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Chanel Pre-Fall 2015

The world of fashion never stops; it seems as though it was yesterday when I was scouring pictures of New York, London, Milan, and Paris fashion week. Now, the frenzy of pre-fall 2015 fashion shows has begun, and Lagerfeld the legend set the standards unnaturally high with his show Métiers d’art on December 2, 2014, as soon as Lara Stone set foot on the grand floor of the whimsical runway in Salzburg, Austria. I’ve decided to include my favourite looks of the show in this post. Credit for all photos goes to


I loved this baby blue ensemble that Lindsey Wixson wore. Of course, anything draped over the top model becomes instantly cool, but there was something so very Alice in Wonderland about this, and the bookish atmosphere reflected the playful, curious sophistication of the look.


I loved the boyish look of this entire outfit; there’s a carefree feeling that makes the daring pieces so desirable. I think it was the daisies on the shoes that got me. The playfulness is entirely acceptable. And we see Lagerfeld’s trademark gloves make an appearance.


Ondria Hardin has been one of the fiercest models since she sparked controversy by walking the Marc Jacobs show at the tender age of 14. Lagerfeld truly showed the youthfulness of Chanel with this feathery, sheer look.


The best thing that Chanel has done this year (other than their S/S 2015 show protests) was choose Charlotte Free and her trademark pink hair for their A/W 2014 eyewear campaign. The open-winged butterflies on the shirt say everything you need to know about her.


Major “awww” moment occurred when Brad Kroenig walked the runway with his son Hudson, who wore lederhosen!


I love this coat. And that hat. And the subtleness of the leather gloves (there’s some irony.)


This quilted dress is so quintessentially Mademoiselle Chanel. There is a timeless grace and beauty to this look, and a girlishness that I just love! The stars and the twist on the elbow-length gloves really depict the contrast between classic and modern Chanel. Coco was never one to conform to tradition.


It’s hard not to love this cotton-candy cloud dress that makes Cara look like a princess. She looks like down-to-earth regality. She definitely deserved to walk arm-in-arm with Karl Lagerfel. at the end of the show. This dress also somewhat reminded me of the majestic ballgown she wore in the latest Chanel film, Reincarnation. If you have been living under a rock and have not seen it, I suggest that you click here. It features Cara Delevingne and Pharrell Williams, and if you’re familiar with the attitude of Miss Coco Chanel, you’ll appreciate the ending. The rest, I’ll leave you to judge.

Thanks for reading!

-Sasha xx


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