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In September, I bought the “Love ‘Em and Sleeve ‘Em” sweater dress from Nastygal. It’s the coziest dress I’ve ever worn, not to mention one of the most wild things I’ve bought. I mean, two sleeves are for regular people. For sleeves are a party. That’s right. With two extra sleeves sewn around your waist, it’s like someone is hugging you all the time. And with the polar vortex just around the corner (oh, Canada), we’ll take all the hugs we can get. We like warm hugs. Especially when it’s colder than the South Pole.

You may be thinking that this sweater is hardly practical without bare legs. Alas, that is how I have styled it in this story, but it’s surprisingly cute with a pair of opaque black tights, and a black or cream beanie.

However, until it becomes negative whatever degrees Celsius, I prefer to bear the chill and style this piece with socks and black/white boots of choice. I recommend that you do the same. But I do guarantee that you’ll want to wear this piece year-round. It’s hard not to feel extra sassy in such a fun sweater. And it provides ample opportunity for emergency mittens (stick your hands in those extra sleeves), not to mention the pockets! That’s what everyone who has seen me wearing this piece says: “Goodness! Are those pockets? Well, isn’t that just fabulous!”

Yes. Yes it is.

Shop the look here

The only thing I recommend if you do not happen to reside in the U.S. of A., and are purchasing this dress (or anything) off of Nastygal, is that you ship it to someone you know in the States. The duty charges I received for this item were ridiculous (almost half the price of the dress). Other than that, the service was extremely fast, and they have lovely people who are willing to help you pick a size out 24/7. Thanks to the lovelies at Nastygal for sending this.

Also, this dress is not designed by those at Nastygal. It’s by an online store called Front Row Shop, which has tons and tons of gorgeous pieces that I absolutely adore. Go check them out here .

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